Sunday, 15 January 2012

Progress Sunday the 15th of January 2012

Dear all,

Another perishing day in Wirksworth, or Parky in the Peak as it is often
known. The main theme of the day was wood, and there was a great deal of
it around. Cooke Enterprises finished the picnic area fence in record
time, or specifically that part of it which was planned to be done now,
more will follow in due course. The passenger department attended to the
Booking Hall soffits, which were in a state of collapse, and various
other parts were nailed back on for the time being. The Duty Conscript,
in his first day with us, carted a great deal of wood around, and was
educated in the history of the Titanic, accompanied by the smell of
frying bacon and Tom's Pot Noodle. Field's Camera Polishers undertook
some video work and this will shortly be shown in cinemas throughout

Around railcar 55006 Dan's doings involved door framework, tidying up
and welding. Next door in unit 51505 almost the entire and utter DUM
team, or at least those that could fit in it, were principally occupied
in the multi-coloured first class seating compartment, multi-coloured
because finding a complete set of same colour first class seat
upholstery in a fit state to use has provide a bit of a challenge,
however, some fine new moquette will be wending it was here soon, and
the first class end will no doubt be pristine.

All the best,