Saturday, 21 January 2012

Progress Saturday 21st January 2012

Dear all,

A bitterly cold wind today with squally showers.

Now the Michael Fish part of the report is out of the way, today was very much a day of maintenance. The Class 20 Locomotive Society fitted a new FV4 valve to their machine which ensures correct operation of the brakes! A small turnout of guys from the Pioneer Diesel Locomotive Group performed maintenance on the Class 33, with particular attention being paid to the coolant system. Both groups taking excellent steps to ensure the Diesel Locomotive Weekend in March goes ahead as planned.

The DMU group moved 51505 to the pit to perform a major examination after a period of 7 months undergoing internal refurbishment. They were hoping to declare Phase 1 of the refurbishment which has included the ceiling, lighting, door backs and a return of First Class accommodation complete subject to a successful test run but unfortunately, with the day light fading, it was decided that this could not quite be reached yet as the mechanical examination was taking longer than usual due to the long period of standing. Maybe next week! Phase 2 will be performed in stages over the next few months which mainly concerns the reupholstering of the seats which are now looking tired.

Work continued on the bodywork of the bubble car. Progress today included returning the internal guard van panelling to the walls covering over the new metalwork. Some wire brushing was done on the metalwork exposed by the removal of the dome.

The 8F group were corking the boiler of Henry Ellison.

The LMSCA were in attendance working on the flooring of the LMS Brake Third coach.

The Passenger Department, after completing the induction of a new university student who is doing voluntary experience work in the Booking Hall with us, met with members of other departments to discuss how the recent Santa Specials had gone and to decide on some improvements that could be made. 

A very busy day!

Mike Evans via Leigh