Saturday, 14 January 2012

Progress Saturday 14th January 2012

Dear all,

Another freezing but beautiful day in Wasserville.

Most of the work was down the yard today with the 8F group corking the tubes of Henry Ellisons boiler and the LMSCA doing preparatory work on the Brake Third.

Much DMU work was carried out with small teams working on different vehicles. Routine maintenance was carried out on the 2-car and 3-car sets. Further work was carried out on the bubble car in the quest to renew problems with the bodywork. On top of this, a small team also started to construct the first class seats and install them on top of the new carpet in 51505, with this task proving much more difficult that it sounds.

Work was also done to remove annoying leaves from around the Wash Green point work to allow them to operate better.

Mike Evans via Leigh