Sunday, 29 January 2012

Progress Report Sunday the 29th of January 2012

Dear all,

It was somewhat chilly round our parts today, but considerable
satisfaction kept us warm. The Duty Conscript toiled in the regular
weekend task of tidying up, and a number of piles were removed, as well
as sorting out and sweeping the area round the wheelie bin. The platform
grit has now been filed out of sight behind the Model Railway Container
and the ballast bags have been filed similarly behind the weighbridge.
The embankment garden again received treatment.

The LMS Brake Van team, possibly after today's sausages to be renamed
the LMS lunch break team, made their endeavour secure, warmed their toes
on the new stove and declared themselves well satisfied with progress.

In the yard, the entire and utter DMU team proceeded with wiring up the
class 119, neglected for so long due to other priorities, and the
semblance of a driver's desk began to appear from the murk. Almost the
entire foul orange Formica was stripped, an arduous job because it is
glued on to the panels: it has to be heated up and then chipped off bit
by awful bit. Bramson Enterprises did this all day and now has RSI in
the wrist department. Work was also achieved on window trim. Again the
predominant sound in the Mess Room from the DMU team afterwards was one
of quiet satisfaction.

The station working party, having spent yesterday stripping the
accoutrements from the Booking Hall prior to repairs, had yesterday
scraped and sanded the poster boards, which will now be repainted before
being re-hung. The major activity of wood prefabrication was, however,
completed to great joy and the working party then went on to assist
Yarnall's Fast Finishers with the reconstruction of the Beer Store
fence, the result of which is to make that area more discrete and

All the best,