Friday, 13 January 2012

Progress Friday 13th January 2012

Dear all,

No Friday 13th bad luck during today, with forward progress being made in the glorious sunshine.

A few volunteers were on site progressing the various projects that are on going at the moment. Firstly, a useful standard gauge sized gadget was produced which, when laid on top of 'new' sleepers, gives the positions of where to drill all of the necessary holes to attach the rail chairs making it much easier to lay sleepers.

Down the yard, preparation work continued on the Mk2f TSO ready for it to receive a first pass of paint next week. Next door work continued on the bubble car with new wood being fitted to the side of the guards door so that the door hangs correctly. The refurbishment of 51505 also progressed a step closer to completion after a new first class carpet was laid - very nice it looks too.

The booking hall dealt with another couple of group and charter enquiries for later in the season. This seems to have come alive this week!