Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Progress 10th January 2012

Dear all
It is almost a pleasant to get back to a period of productivity after weeks of lethargy as Colonel Stephens would say. The PWT, without the benefit of a locomotive, departed south by Landrover to collect the necessary equipment to return to the Ken Rowlands crossing area and replaced 14 defective sleepers. This activity affected the productivity of the VCT but they managed significant progress at Old Lane Bridge that will leave any unsuspecting road user that there is a vibrant railway there.
The DST reported that Henry Ellison's vacuum pipes and lubricator pipes have been fitted, Cathryn has seen further parts removed for examination and No 3 has had it boiler caulked enabling it to be put together again for the 2012 season.
I was delighted to welcome a customer who had been developing radar detection with us for use in Australia and to learn that the product is now under production in Derby. They visited to trial some rail flaw detection equipment which proved successful. One member of their team is resident in Perth, Australia and will return there tomorrow demonstrating that we are truly world wide.
Fred and Iris gave the Mess Hall a very good do and we had the first meeting of the BCT (Buffet Car Team) that will reconfigure the interior of the Buffet Car to meet the challenge of increased sales in 2012. The Bubble Car had timber prepared for the interior of the guards compartment and the LMSCA continued their sad task of removing material from the Third Open.