Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Progress Wednesday 30th November 2011

Dear all
A return visit by Amey and their road/rail machine visited two bridges DJW4 and DJW6 ably hosted by Tom Tait and it is apparent that these inspections are most thorough that will mean the results will be interesting or quite frightening. Amongst the bridge exams the PWT conducted a full line track patrol including, this time, Ravenstor and the truncated Gorsey Bank line. No horrors were reported but steady routine maintenance to occupy the team for evermore.
The Buffet Car had more Fing Umber Orient gloss applied to the west side and there may be a further illustration of this tomorrow.
The S&T van received a cleansing and reorganisation of its interior and the new Idridgehay raised platform area was drawn to a conclusion. The other half of the permanent way team turned their attentions to despiking baseplates recovered from the former Gorsey Bank line and, after conclusion of the bridge examination work, were able to take the Works Train down the line to recover some 100 base plates and 24 reusable sleepers.
The lone Carriage Cleaner with an younger assistant was intent in making up for the hours lost last week through illness, an example to us all, and continued to achieve a makeover of the Mess Hall. Some of this activity transferred to several coats including mine! The Carriage Cleaner also managed to cleanse the Training Room and declare her willingness to assist with costume design and manufacture for the Santa season.
Leigh has published an expansion of the Santa programme following the acceptance of the key player jetting in on his most busy day of the year. I attach a photo of the headboard that will grace his trains splendidly constructed by Alan Taylor who has provided a wide variety of headboards to support our various activities.