Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Progress Tuesday 15th November 2011

Dear all
Another day with an amazing amount of activity at a time of year when normal folk are preparing for hibernation. The PWT collected 20 rails from the former Gorsey Bank line and restored the Hannages foot crossing to a single line. Numerous fittings were also recovered from unserviceable sleepers and brought back to base for safe keeping.
The VCT finalised their clearance north of Postern Lodge and made a significant impact on the fencing near bridge DJW6. Three fires kept the team of five warm through the day.
The DST worked on all three steam engines today with the tank on No3 being unbolted as it will have to be removed for winter boiler repairs. The mechanical lubricator on Henry Ellison together with its brake gear received attention as contractors dealt with the foundation ring. Kathryn also received attention as the smoke box was cleaned out after goodness knows how many years and research was done into how to access its mechanical stoking apparatus.
We welcomed back the Filing Fairy after a couple of weeks illness and Fred & Iris gave the Mess Hall their traditional weekly cleansing. The LMSCA continued their efforts with the Brake Third Open and further strides were made with the Buffet Car. Anti corrosive treatment was applied to the centre line of the roof and the south end was sanded and filled.
Three cheers to the EVRA contingent that fitted the new Car Park gate enhancing the security of the Wirksworth site.
We welcomed the second visit of the Clay Mills Pumping Station team to whom we have donated the three capstans that lurk at the north end of the former Dust Dock. After much effort they have released two of the three. These artefacts could not be illustrated to our visitors and it seems appropriate they go to a good home where the principle can be shown off to visitors.
The LMSCA have placed wood under the Mark 1 BSK to dry out that has originated from the fire damaged Third Open and this should not be construed as lighting up wood!
In a tentative move I invited a farm steel erector to price up the costs associated with extending and widening the present Maintenance Facility together with the associated ground works and cladding. This will give us a guide price to create a large secure area on site. You may be assured that a begging letter will follow once these costs have crystallised!
PS - Some of you will have seen the consequences of a runaway on the Pontypool & Blaenavon Railway. Not a pretty sight but a reminder that our whole Railway is on a gradient including the visually level Wirksworth Yard. It reminds you that care has to be taken in all areas of our activities and inattention to this can bite quite hard.