Thursday, 3 November 2011

Progress Thursday 3rd November 2011

Dear all
The main task of the day was a major movement of stock to place the Buffet Car in the Maintenance Facility for a makeover this winter. The associated Gatwick Express vehicles were also moved to a place where they can more easily take their place in the Maintenance Facility once the Buffet Car has been completed. As you may imagine this involved the shunting of almost all of our rolling stock and took several hours. I am very grateful to all involved for the effort put into this vital exercise.
Graham and his team were faced with an immobile LJB and after a great deal of work have once again resolved the problem. It remains to be seen whether the solution allows us a trouble free day next Tuesday. The restoration of Faraday has certainly proved worth while during these problems with LJB.
It gave me great pleasure to welcome a team from the Great Central Railway, lead by Bill Ford, and be able to personally thank them for their tremendous assistance with the opening of the whole line to Duffield. Without their generous help we would have had no Royal Saloon or the splendid sight of 78019 running up and down the valley. I hope they went away fully aware of our sincere gratitude.
The VCT continued their attack on the lineside vegetation and the Booking Hall maintained its vital income generation role.