Sunday, 6 November 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 6th of November 2011

Dear all,

A delightfully sunny, though slightly chilly day here at our favourite
railway. Although there was no timetabled passenger service, a charter
nevertheless left Wirksworth at 2pm bearing Mrs Fischer and her party,
and this rumbled gently down to Duffield and rumbled gently back
accompanied by Chief Steward Lidgett on the trolley. At Duffield a
meeting of the Passenger Department took place, along with a delivery of
paint for the Mess Room. The final clearing of the former Booking Hall
was undertaken, ready for its conversion to quality toilets, the plans
of which are even now in my drawers.

Meanwhile at Wirksworth, the LMSCA continued clearing the Third Open and
applied some paint to its exposed parts. Down the yard the Steam Team
cleared a lot of silt from Ferrybridge No 3 and gave it a good washing
with a large hose. Nearby a magistrate of conscripts cleared the
carriage area walking route of accumulated debris, filed it in the
appropriate places and then raked the ground free of small rubbish. The
LMS brake van continued to receive its cladding and the LMS plate wagon
also received attention.

Across the yard, the sound of Fanny's doors being swung open indicated
the presence of the DMU team, who have removed a set of second class
seats from unit 51505, as part of its renovation, and have cleaned the
Formica in the front compartment, ready for the unit to receive a
charming group of first class seats. If anyone has about 4 x 3 metres of
carpet, it is hoped to carpet the first class area (please speak to
Leigh initially if you have something that might be a possibility,
naturally there are colour and other issues).

While on the subject of palatial facilities, the roof of the Training
Room was inspected with a fine tooth comb and a vat of heavy duty
bitumen paint was applied following the evacuation of enough standing
water on its roof to float a boat. This appears, on the face of it, to
have done the trick and the Cafe du Palais will be open for business
again next Saturday for the services of teas, coffees and light
refreshments, hopefully without the squelching.

All the best,