Sunday, 27 November 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 27th October 2011

Dear all,

A bright morning saw us tidying up after yesterday's much applauded
Thames - Ecclesbourne Express, with a little gentle shunting to put
everything away. The Booking Hall dealt with a leisurely flow of
interested visitors and added a modest amount to the weekend's income,
for a Sunday. The station staff also inspected Ravenstor and the very
outlying parts of our empire, indeed as far as the waymarking on the
High Peak Trail.

The National Union of Railwayman (Wirksworth sub shed) held a meeting in
the Training Room during which the 2011 and 2012 timetables were
carefully compared side by side.

In the shed, work proceeded on the LMS brake van, and reached such a
pitch of endeavour that it may well be possible to get the roof felted
next week and hold a dance inside it. Also in the shed the back door was
attended to, and it is now possible to open and close the door without
getting a hernia. Outside the back of the shed, the Duty Conscripts
raked an area and built a path for ease of movement towards the Cemetary
Lane headshunt.

In railcar 51505, a Flange of Fitters engaged in the varnishing of
several parts, as well as clearing away assorted grunge and generally
tidying up in readiness for the laying of the first class carpet. In the
Mess Room, the painting of the interior proceeded apace, and its effect
can now be smelt throughout the site.

All the best,