Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Progress Wednesday 5th October 2011

Dear all,

I thought I would comment on what has been happening at Wirksworth today and I am sure Mick Thomas can spread some light on what the P-Way gang were up to as well.

June proceeded to clean the service trains again today which is a thankless and never ending task, whilst the catering department had a planning moment for the unusual and hopefully busy events that are coming up this month.

The Booking Hall took a reasonably large Santa booking this morning and dealt with a few charter enquiries for the 2012 season. A poster was made to advertise the Fish and Chip Special next weekend and a start was made on a hand out which will show a map of the site at Wirksworth so our visitors know what there is to see. This was amongst dealing with casual visitors who wanted to look around our enterprise.

Down the yard, work continued on the Mark 1 BSK.