Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Progress Wednesday 26th October 2011

Dear all
A most productive day with the PWT and Komatsu setting sail for the south with two main tasks in their sights. The first was to provide a Road/Rail access point at Shottle using ballast recovered from the Gorsey Bank line. This will enable the Komatsu to off track at Shottle and be parked under the gaze of the housing there making it much easier for Mike the Flail to reach all parts of the Railway. The other task was to continue to recover wasted rails that had been replaced from various underbridges. In the great recycling plan this rail was discharged on the remaining Gorsey Bank line to release reusable rail for future projects. Unfortunately LJB disgraced itself again at the end of the day but the Walker AA was on hand to resolve matters.
Progress was made with the reroofing of the S&T van with the end being in sight for this once in a lifetime task. Bob Gibbens commenced a training programme to convert two of our diesel drivers to steam drivers - maybe unique in preservation annuls - with satisfactory results. Thanks go to Matt who acted as fireman.
The lone carriage cleaner dealt with the three car set and the Buffet Car and associated vehicles reporting that the windows are now clean again after the attentions of some of our visitors that became over excited by the launch of 33035.
The Booking Hall brought up to date the Santa and Thames-Ecclesbourne bookings which continue to encourage us.