Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Progress Tuesday 18th October 2011

Dear all
A slightly subdued air today for obvious reasons and fate conspired against again today as L J Breeze gave up the ghost at bridge DJW6 frustrating the planned collection of wasted rails recently replaced under many of our bridges. After some time spent trying to rectify the fault D8001 was commandeered to rescue the locomotive and train. A most frustrating day for the PWT.
The DST started to strip and label parts from Cathryn and the LMSCA commenced to consider their options for going forward. The VCT, whose day was also affected by the failure of LJB, managed to complete their planned fence repairs on one side of the line near Postern Lodge and reported a large fire to burn brash and rotten timbers.
Duffield reported the clearance of leaves and movement of top soil and the Filing Fairy met with Stuart and John E to further pin down the accuracy of our "paper trail".
The Booking Hall and Bookkeeper combined to account for our most successful seven days of trading. Santa is now coming to the fore with both postal and online payments helping the cause.
I have had chance to view Paul's double DVD set entitled "Steam in the Valley" that celebrates all the hard work involved in reconstructing the Idridgehay to Duffield section in the first volume. The second is a most splendid record of the Royal Opening, Members and Shareholders days together with the public celebrations. The filming is absolutely delightful showing the Railway off at its best. Well worth the money!
Peter Taylor has offered his resignation as our Independent Safety Advisor to the Board following a major operation to remove a cancerous kidney. After spending some two weeks in hospital he has been plagued by post operative infections and is temporarily housebound. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Peter and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery to his old self. Without Peter's help and faith in us we would not have reached Idridgehay by now yet alone Duffield.