Sunday, 30 October 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 30th October 2011

Dear all,

A surprisingly pleasant afternoon developed for the final Sunday
services of the year which were modestly well patronised including
passengers boarding for Bournemouth. A Day with a Driver guest also
thoroughly enjoyed himself before returning to Manchester.

The DMU team, now back to full strength after Village Green had returned
from his holiday somewhere near Wales, carried on with the refurb of the
interior of unit 51505, where the ceilings are being replaced and where
the foul orange formica is being stripped from the doors and is being
replaced with a wood-effect type, though some doubt was expressed about
the nature of the adhesive being used by Bramson Enterprises to attach
this to the backboards.

Around the yard the wood theme was apparent, with the LMS brake van
continuing to receive its panelling and strapping, and in the Picnic
Area essential fencing work was being carried out by Nathan with Ross
assisting with a number of lengths.

A reminder, as ever occurs in these annals, about the necessity of
keeping the yard tidy and the walking routes clear, particularly for our
shunters who operate in all areas of the yard by daylight and also in
darkness at this time of year. Will the person who left a trolley on the
safe walking route during this week kindly report to me. In the meantime
the trolley has been stored in a safe place with the key under my hand.

Finally, a word of thanks to all our volunteers who have worked so hard
at Duffield Station this year, Duffield Booking Hall is now closed until
the 2012 season for conversion work.

All the best,