Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday 1st September 2011

Dear all
The first day of the 9th month of the year was surprisingly pleasant and warm aiding today's endeavours. The VCT were somewhat frustrated by all lines through Wirksworth being blocked by essential work on the permanent way. Nonetheless they attacked the Incline and defoliated bridge DJW27, the Cromford Road bridge, which was a useful component of the programme agreed with Network Rail prior to their contractors undertaking a full survey. They achieved the traditional fire to burn the resultant brash.
The PWT continued their work to ensure that the single slip is safe to operate over and made good progress. There is still work to be done which will be attended to next week but caution is necessary in the intervening period.
Karen presented her final version of a map of our facilities at Wirksworth that she had been asked to produce for our visitors but particularly useful for the participants of the planned St Pancras to Wirksworth charter train (change at Duffield) on 13th October.
Our team of Graham, Patrick and Will entertained a group charter with many happy customers enjoying the hospitality provided by Rodney at Duffield. A lone dmu team member worked on sealing the vents on vehicles 51505 and 50599. Essential work to provide the right environment for our passengers.
The Booking Hall welcomed our charter passengers and several other visitors brought out by the mild weather.