Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Progress Wednesday 7th September 2011

Dear all
A gloomy, wet day that tested the dedication of our PWT. Nonetheless, they made steady progress with the quite major project of renewing the timber supporting pointwork at the north end of Wirksworth Yard. During the day the LMS Brakevan was moved to Platform 1 to perform its part in the Wirksworth Festival, the end product is yet to be revealed.
The lone carriage cleaner tended to the three car set and was somewhat concerned by the condition of the windows. I remain ever grateful for this most essential work that presents our trains in the best light.
The Booking Hall concentrated on the necessities of the upcoming Festival weekend where there remain many vacancies for all the tasks required. The success of this weekend , or otherwise, is in your hands!
On a positive note we have passed a significant milestone in that our turnover has exceeded £200k for the first time in history. Not a lot by the standards of the larger contenders in the heritage railway movement but of great importance to us. Turnover, of course, does not represent profit but is a guide to where we are going. As has been said " turnover is vanity, profit is sanity". Nonetheless, the results do indicate that everything is going in the right direction and we can begin to save for further capital works that will occupy us for the next few years.
PS - I am sure you will join me in wishing Peter Taylor well as he prepares to enter hospital for the removal of a kidney. I have suggested that hospital food has greatly improved and his reply was less than appreciative!