Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Progress Wednesday 28th September 2011

Dear all
It was great to welcome our customer today for a full line test after quite a famine in this area of our activities. The day appeared to be successful allowing the customer to demonstrate the machine to his potential customers tomorrow. Mick T hosted the test and ensured our part of the day was produced to an high standard.
The PWT conducted a whole line track patrol and special praise today goes to Ian and Steve who tackled the Wirksworth to Idridgehay section charged with identifying the sleepers that need replacement through the winter. They had a long day which determines that we have an expenditure of some £3k ahead of us. Time for another heart tablet.
The PWT regrouped in the afternoon to undertake further jacking and packing of the pointwork recently re-timbered in Wirksworth Yard. The end is in sight and the end product is beginning to look very good.
The LMSCA were in action on both the Third Open and their Mark 1 BSK as both projects inch forward. The lone Carriage Cleaner tackled the 3 Car dmu, the Royal Saloon and the Gatwick Express. A mystery surrounds the black feathers found in the Royal Saloon last used by the Black Dog Band - perhaps there are rituals we know nothing about.
Our computer and electrical boffins gathered together to fit an uninterrupted power supply to the server room with great success. However, a moment's inattention has severed Stuart's connection to the outside world - solutions are in hand.
The Booking Hall is now devoting time to 2012 as enquiries arrive and thoughts are being gathered about the shape of the Year which include the Olympics and Queen's Jubilee.