Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Progress Wednesday 21st September 2011

Dear all
A quite large PWT team loaded materials south of the Wash Green bridge released by the removal of the old trap point consisting of track components and timbers. They then went on to "screw down" the recently relayed pointwork at the north end of the Yard and reinstate it for use. Next week will see the refurbished installation jacked and packed to complete the job. This endeavour has occupied a lot of time and effort but very necessary to prevent any mishaps with very old materials.
We had a delightful Drive a Diesel Day customer from Bridlington accompanied by three of his sons. It transpired he was a former signalman having a feel for railway operations and enjoyed meeting up with his sons one of which had a passing knowledge of the Marchwood Military Railway. Lewis and Richard again proved themselves as very good hosts and Angela looked after the inner man at lunch time. As ever, we try and provide meaningful work during the morning and the Class 33 and Saloon were shunted to Platform 1, the Saloon being required for additional catering accommodation on Sunday. The PWT continued the shunting operations during the afternoon that included placing Tim's brakevan in the Maintenance Facility for fast track timber replacement and various other vehicles in position for their next part in our continued development.
The lone carriage cleaner dealt with the exuberance of party goers in the Gatwick Express last weekend and gave Iris a "do". We constantly seek a companion for this lonely and vital work without success - so far.
The Booking Hall tended to our visitors and continued the quest for more group bookings.