Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Progress Wednesday 14th September 2011

Dear all
A welcome return to MTT activities as today's customer put three vehicles through brake tests in Wirksworth Yard with the fourth due on Friday. The LMSCA continued their work on the Third Open and our lone carriage cleaner tackled the 3 car set and Iris to very good effect.
Mike Billing set off to tidy, as best he could, the activities of our neighbour on the "racing straight" reporting good progress. It was lucky that he was the first movement south of Wirksworth since the high winds of Monday as a tree had been blown over onto the track in the 40 steps area. The Komatsu was able to place the tree ready for logging and clear of the line.
The PWT achieved a whole line track patrol, tightening fishplate bolts as necessary, and noting defects to be attended to through the winter. This age old tradition which I guess originated in 1825 still has an important role in the 21st century. There was burst of gardening at Wirksworth and the newly installed post at Gorsey Bank painted.
The Booking Hall started to turn its attention to the Santa season with preparations to mail out to previous years customers. It will soon be Christmas!
The PWT weighed into the pointwork renewal at Wirksworth after their patrolling to give a kick start to tomorrow's endeavours.
PS - I am extremely pleased to report that Pat and Mike Craft are now proud parents as eight puppies have been added to their recently acquired rescue dogs. They need hand rearing with a feed every two hours - don't you envy them!