Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Progress Tuesday 6th September 2011

Dear all
The VCT set off to tackle the end products of our rather unusual neighbour alongside the "racing straight" who has demolished trees by large digger and left us with quite a mess to clear up. The area between bridges DJW 21 and DJW 20 was dealt with involving 3 large fires to burn brash but logs were a bi-product of this activity that should benefit us.
The PWT commenced work on the turnout between No1 Road and No2 Road at the north end of Wirksworth Yard. The first part of this task was to lift out all the pointwork and rails involved leaving quite a gap in our infrastructure. There was then quite a sort out of potential replacement crossing timbers involving the unloading of the "Plate" wagon which is required to support the renovation of "The Duke". This project will occupy the team for some time! (Buy the condition of the material removed we guess that this area of our trackwork has not been touched since before World War 2 and it has certainly earned its keep over some 80 years)
The DST report servicing of No3 and its injectors, further dismantling of Cathryn's motion and Henry Ellison's clack valves.
The Booking Hall processed further group bookings and enquiries and I am grateful to Patrick, Graham and Matt for turning out to run an evening charter together with Angela who is returning out to provide an "Afternoon Tea" at around 2100hrs this evening. Also many thanks to David N who journeyed to Doncaster to collect essential supplies for the relaying work in Wirksworth Yard.
Another busy and productive day.