Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Progress Tuesday 27th September 2011

Dear all
A pleasant day but the forecast heat wave still hasn't quite reached Wirksworth but we live in hopes. The VCT headed for Duffield to clear the brash from their previous felling operations achieved at the request of a neighbour. It would seem that a full consultation with fellow neighbours had not taken place leading to some uncalled for strife for our team! Nonetheless, progress was made with disposing of the brash.
The DST concentrated on Henry Ellison with the lubricator and sand pipes being fitted today. I am pleased to report that Dave Williams has assumed the role of locomotive foreman for No3 to ensure its maintenance and presentation is up to scratch.
The PWT concentrated on jacking and packing the newly retimbered pointwork at the north end of Wirksworth Yard with further work before them as the week proceeds. The LMSCA upholsterer tackled a job on dmu 50599 to repair a seat back. The remainder of the LMSCA team spent their day tending to the Third Open after their most successful participation in the LMS celebrations at the National Railway Museum over the weekend.
Mike the Flail made further inroads to the area between Callow Park and the Derby Road bridge to the south of it. This area is beginning to look good again after the attentions of our neighbour there.
The Head of Gardening continued with the Wirksworth Station garden and the Booking Hall was beginning to attack the potential Santa market.
A machine was delivered yesterday that will be tested tomorrow and demonstrated to potential customers on Thursday.
Not a bad day.