Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Progress Tuesday 20th September 2011

Dear all
The VCT made for Duffield and felled the last of the Stanier trees and then transported the brash from this and previous activities to a burning site near Hazelwood reporting a very large fire.
The PWT chased them south with many tasks achieved including the transport of a "Portaloo", wagons assembled for loading at Wirksworth tomorrow, fence panels delivered to Gorsey Bank, logs for sale at Wirksworh and specialised chairs for the point work renewal at base.
The DST carried on their work with Cathryn and Henry Ellison and the Booking Hall benefited from a new coach group booking in mid October that includes travel and catering. The LMSCA continued with preparation for their starring role this weekend at the National Railway Museum and the lights along Platform 1 at Wirksworth were checked and replaced as necessary.
Attempts were made to restore our fuel pump to measuring the amount dispensed to the various vehicles we use without success. Fuel is now costing some £800 a fortnight and we desperately need to know where it goes. This is a mechanical measure and if any of you has a possible replacement piece of equipment I would be delighted to hear from you.