Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Progress Tuesday 13th September 2011

Dear all
Firstly, many thanks who made the Festival Weekend work well for us with its experimental early and late trains. The end product was a curate's egg with some successes and some failures in terms of passenger numbers. Nonetheless, the concept has been established and with a little more energy this will work better in 2012. Thumbs down for the Festival organisers who promised there would be no catering at the top of the Station Approach only to let a tea and coffee outlet in that spot during the weekend. Thumbs up to Angela who tried to counteract this with a barbeque on Saturday but retired hurt on Sunday. Thumbs up, again, to Matt who provided a catering trolley on our Duffield services that was much appreciated by our passengers and thumbs up to John Blackmore who, almost, single headedly manned the car park parking point as well as selling Festival Trail badges raising a gross £900.
Back to today which has been another very busy day for our enterprise. A post has been established at Gorsey Bank to fix the switch for the level crossing lights as the previous fixing had been removed during the renewal of our neighbours fence.
The PWT continued with the major task of renewing the connection between 1 and 2 roads at the north end of Wirksworth Yard and the LMSCA continued there major task to complete the Third Open.
The VCT maintained their quest to cement relationships with a special neighbour in Spring Close reporting the work complete with a two fire day.
The DST have been seen working on three locomotives with the water tanks being primed on Henry Ellison and Cathryn, two front buffers fixed to Henry Ellison and No3 receiving full maintenance for the upcoming weekend.
On the domestic front the Filing Fairy made strides with our records, Fred and Iris gave the Mess Hall at deep clean and Dorothy dealt with unpleasant toilet blockages. Three cheers to these people who ensure we can survive without contracting serious diseases!
Vegetation treatment was undertaken to the north of Cemetery Lane and we were pleased to welcome a team from Network Rail that stripped the foliage from bridges DJW4 and 5.
Rodney reports a tidy and grass cut at Duffield and John Snell reports on his attendance yesterday at a DVLCRP meeting where subjects included a safe cycle route from Wirksworth to Carsington, widening of the Derwent Valley guide to include heritage railways, support for our services to the Wirksworth Festival in 2012 and an introduction to East Midlands Trains new Route Manager.
PS I enjoyed a day in Manchester yesterday and, amongst other things, travelled the north end of the Midland Main Line. The last time I had experienced the route was behind  45705 Seahorse working the 1705 Manchester Central to Buxton! Nowadays it is on board Metrolink as far a St Werburg's Road, the former junction for the CLC line to Fallowfield and Guide Bridge. Nonetheless, you do get the sense of heading down a main line, perhaps Metrolink will extend to Matlock and Derby. After all it's now managed by RATP and they must want to connect with Paris at some time.