Thursday, 15 September 2011

Progress Thursday 15th September 2011

Dear all
Quite a pleasant sunny day with much energy being put into the dmu fleet. Our three car set has been re-formed to include two guards brake van areas ready for a commission we are undertaking together with ensuring it is in the right configuration for our Santa trains. This has been quite a task and occupied a long day for the team. We also have an embryonic two car set together with two single units enabling response to various levels of passenger demand.
A charter was provided today for a somewhat smaller group than was otherwise expected but those that did attend enjoyed the hospitality of Chris B, Patrick and John E together with a buffet lunch provided by Angela. Some extra catering sales were made to visitors arriving speculatively to Wirksworth Station.
The VCT responded to a minor emergency at MP 1391/4 where the charter had encountered a fallen tree and I am most grateful to them for preventing further paintwork damage to Iris. Their main task had been to remove four fir trees near Duffield for Mike Stanier, the grandson of the great man, and three were successfully dealt with.
The LMSCA were in action on the Third Open and the Booking Hall concentrated on shaping the rest of the year for our web site. The planned Class 33 weekend in October required a few tweaks to get the Sunday operation right and capitalise on East Midlands Trains connections and our last departure for the Saturday of the Model Railway Weekend was reviewed resulting in an extra late train that will double up as a fish and chip special. Santa trains are now all on the web site with the new opportunity to sample Duffield departures - your childrens' desires are just a click away!
The PWT continued with their quite major job to renew the timbers under pointwork at the north end of Wirksworth Yard. There is still work to be done next week that will depend on the number of people that attend.