Sunday, 11 September 2011

Progress Sunday the 11th of September 2011

Dear all,

A rather long day has overtaken the daily report, for which apologies,
but here we are now. As with yesterday, we have devoted ourselves once
again to the joys of the Wirksworth Festival, that consummate panoply of
art and architecture (stuff in people's houses), which attracts visitors
from far and wide. Not only did the early morning service today take
people to Duffield and the main line, the last return train also brought
some back. We seem to have constantly astonished the many Festival
visitors who have found us for the first time because of the artworks on
display at the station. Typical comments being "My God, is this a real
railway station?" and "Oh, what lovely gardens, its not like this at New
Street", as well as the more usual "Have you got any toilets?", to which
the tempting answer is "Er, just a moment, I'll check for you". We have
had passengers being dropped off at and picked up at Ravenstor (from St
Pancras) as well as all those joining at Duffield to visit the Festival
without the challenge of parking amongst the multitude thronging Wirksworth.

I cannot say we had time for much else apart from shoe-horning more cars
into the car park, though an attempt was made to finish painting the
Grampus, sadly interrupted by a little inclement weather: though some
visitors from the South, when it was remarked to them that this was a
light shower for Wirksworth, appeared to regard its a prolonged
torrential downpour. There is no accounting for taste.

All the best,