Friday, 2 September 2011

Progress Friday 2nd September 2011

Dear all
Firstly an omission from yesterday where the computer boffins fitted an Uninterrupted Power Supply to our server following irritating downtime each time we have a "spike" in our electricity supply. Further work was achieved in trying to ensure the Buffet Car till talks to the server. All this endeavour is designed to eradicate annoying problems in achieving a stable collection of data. The running of two tills has occupied an inordinate amount of time and money but hopefully we are on the last lap. My thanks go to Chris and Leigh who have persisted with this elusive goal.
Today saw a Group Drive a Diesel day most ably hosted by Lewis and Mick T. Glowing praise by the participants coupled with pleasant weather ensured we have new friends and advocates.
The LMSCA had a good day sourcing components to continue their work on the Third Open and then went on to continue with the project.
The Booking Hall welcomed the Drive a Diesel Day clients and a number of other visitors brought out by the sunshine. I am most grateful to Anton for organising and producing lunch for the BuyaGift customers in addition to his normal activities of preparing for the weekend.