Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Progress Wednesday 31st August 2011

Dear all
A most satisfactory end to our summer programme of opening on Wednesdays. The service was in the able hands of John A, Chris B and Elliot supported by Rodney at Duffield, Leigh at Wirksworth and Angela and Izzie in Catering. Patrick and David A ran the Ravenstor service to take some of the pressure off the Duffield crew. It remains quite a long day and my thanks go to everyone concerned. John Evans shepherded the "Autumn Club" who had a delightful day enhanced by repeated visits to the Buffet Car for Angela's bacon butties - a PR success!
The Head of Gardening returned to the Wirksworth station garden but requested a week's leave to see where the Scots were kept at bay. If they keep up the pressure hopefully the Scots will complete the Edinburgh light rail system before being allowed down south again. Gary accurately positioned yesterday's photo as the Royal Victoria Railway at Netley on the Solent but there is no financial prize I'm afraid! - but he has my good wishes.
The PWT concentrated on Wirksworth Yard as they started to make essential repairs to the "single slip" which is showing signs of its great age. This work will continue tomorrow. Mick and David N visited Bownes of Worksop to source more fishplates and bolts for the Idridgehay to Shottle project.
The DST had the services of a crane to lift Henry Ellison's boiler into a place where it can be retubed and returned the tanks and cab to Cathryn after exploratory work to determine its suitability for restoration. The Paint Store was finally bottomed yielding a quantity of scrap for our skip and enabling a knowledge of what we actually have in stock. The BSK received further attention in the quest to make it usable.
A pleasant day with many happy passengers.