Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Progress Wednesday 24th August 2011

Dear all
A key task has been performed by the PWT as they divided into teams and gave the whole line a track patrol discovering no alarms. John HT and Hylton took the Shottle to Duffield section where yesterday's heifer was still in residence near Postern Lodge. It is felt that she took a peculiar interest in our team following them for some way. Having taken her number the local farmer was advised that his substantial investment seems to like railwaymen.
Our penultimate Wednesday service day had very good results with takings at Duffield and Wirksworth being most satisfactory. Many thanks to Vince S, Patrick and Chris B for running the train service, Rodney and Leigh for manning the tills and Angela for creating many complimentary comments about our catering.
There was much shunting to put the logs and redundant sleepers into the car park for collection, moving the water tanks for refilling and the Class 33 to Platform 1 for display.
A new water heater was fitted to the Gents toilet and the store room in the Training Room block now has a working light. All tasks going on in the background that makes life more bearable.
The Passenger Manager tackled the graffiti that had despoiled the view at Hazelwood and Yvonne has tackled the vegetation invading the childrens play area. The last task uncovered a wasps nest that has been treated with a special concoction to encourage them to move on.
Another most satisfactory and sunny day.
PS - a Hamiliton self winding watch was found by the track patrol near MP137 and I have it in my office