Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Progress Wednesday 17th August 2011

Dear all
Quite a bumper bundle today as I had left my notes on the desk for yesterday's activities and there are a few more that need a mention together with today's doings.
Yesterday Mike Billings commenced repairs to the flail head that requires constant attention given the heavy work it undertakes. A niggling IT fault that affects the Buffet Car till was identified and the necessary replacement part ordered with a view to repairs being concluded tomorrow. Richard P spent a very long day with a hand held weed treatment device dealing with many areas around Wirksworth station that really need attention.
There was an incredible amount of shunting to put the Saloon back undercover and the centre car back in the dmu set for today.
Today's services were operated by Graham, Tom and Jack to great effect on what is a long and tiring day. It was good to see Fred Morton also keeping his hand in after a series of chemo therapy treatments. The PWT achieved great things with the "mainline" restored to use after the removal of the redundant catch point at Wash Green. The end product looks very tidy and the last train of the day was able to return to its booked Platform 2. The Booking Hall welcomed our visitors of the day and the EVRA shop enjoyed the services of Tony Chave and Vince Ware to provide the necessary opening hours. The new catering regime got into its stride and I suggest you all try the quite delightful bacon butties.
A team attacked Ravenstor to very good effect and repainted the gate, fence, benches and running in board. They also cleared and burned a substantial amount of brash from above the Platform and along the path to the Stone Centre. To complete the work the entire station and path have been weed treated. A most satisfactory job in keeping our estate tidy and presentable.
During the afternoon I was able to promote mytesttrack to the world! 27 participants in the 22nd International Symposium on the dynamics of vehicles on roads and rails arrived by coach from Salford and had an induction into the work of MTT. By the world I mean that the visitors were from Japan, Holland, Spain, Latvia, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, France and the UK. Wirksworth is firmly getting on the map!