Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Progress Wednesday 10th August 2011

Dear all
First of all an apology for retransmitting to the e Group a message sent from Paul Rayner to me and I can only explain that we, domestically, are looking after a seven year old girl this week which is testing all our stamina. We feel like exhausted grandparents and whilst I relaxed(!) at the Railway today my wife and the child went to Twycross Zoo only to be locked into their gift shop because a chimpanzee had escaped! Another marketing opportunity for us as it is often said that there are a lot of animals at the Railway.
Back to business, the train service ran well today thanks to the efforts of Chris, Mike and Mike together with Matthew. It was a legal service manned by a retired Judge and a retired Crown Prosecutor so no riots here then. The Model Railway and EVRA shop were open for the benefit of our visitors which were somewhat depleted by the unseasonal weather but we did welcome Barry Doe, the Fare Dealer, who had left Bournemouth at 0530 to be with us. The Duffield team were in place to welcome visitors there.
There was something of a Catering emergency with the non appearance of Jeff and I am extremely grateful to Anton for stepping into the breach. We subsequently learnt that Jeff had been taken into hospital with a suspected heart attack and we wish him well.
The Head of Gardening was in evidence and a two man PWT greased all the slide chairs in Wirksworth Yard before tightening the fishplate bolts on the Duffield loop that should see some service this coming weekend.
A pleasant surprise was the scrap skip at Wirksworth had been recently cashed in raising a record £175. Not at all bad for all the "light" scrap loaded into it. Another empty skip awaits your, metal, contributions.