Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Progress Tuesday 2nd August 2011

Dear all
Another Tuesday full of different activities that are the envy of other similar organisations. The PWT started to prepare the redundant Wash Green catch point for replacement by plain line and began to assess the crossing timbers we have in stock for remedial work in Wirksworth Yard.
LJB's ignition is now properly key controlled and the horns activitated by button pushes that will add to security and ease of operation.
The VCT reported a three big fire day and clearance of a further 60 yards of vegetation in the area west of the fishing club site north of Hazelwood. Milepost 140 3/4 has had its final coat of paint. The DST has concentrated on No3 to check that servicing work was satisfactory and provide a firing test involving the coach and Incline trailer car visiting Idridgehay.
Space has been released for the boiler of Cathryn to be put to ground and 51505 has been cured of a roof leak. The LMSCA has continued its great table project and one of our fitted vans received more attractive paint.
The plants were watered both at Duffield and Wirksworth and weed treatment of Wirksworth yard followed on from yesterday's whole line tour by the Multicar in the relentless attack on the greening up of the "main" line.
We were very pleased to welcome a group from Belper Womens Institute lead by Joan Blower, the widow of the late lamented Colin. They enjoyed their time with us and managed to produce another Craft related to our own Mike Craft. Reunited after their last meeting some 50 years ago travelling all the way from Belper - a close family!
Our lone carriage cleaner tackled both Iris and the Bubble Car as well as dealing with debris in the Gatwick Express together with emptying the platform bins. All done in a pleasant manner and alone despite all efforts to join her with a companion or two.
I am very happy that the filing fairy returned to very good effect and the Booking Hall welcomed our charter visitors and continued the revenue generation work. The plot for the upcoming Home Fleet Gala was finalised.
As you may imagine, our enterprise was populated by many people to make all this activity happen and my thanks go to all of them.