Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Progress Tuesday 23rd August 2011

Dear all
The day started with an assault on the senses from all sides which was not welcome as I had returned home in the early hours after seeing the great Dolly Parton live in Nottingham. She continually refuses to visit our Railway in spite of many invitations but I will persevere! Another episode of note was that I had written to Adrian Shooter last week on being tipped off that he would like to visit us only to receive a call last night from him that he had been last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed his time with us. (He recognised Graham Walker from an association 40 years ago - who does this man not know?)
Now down to the events of the day. The VCT tended to fence repairs at Postern Lodge, removed more hawthorn and had one large fire. They also had an encounter with an aggressive heifer and shamelessly retreated into their Landrover. A Network Rail contractor has spent a lot of today searching for a culvert that defeated us in trying to establish its exact position. After further and better particulars in think the location is narrowing down.
The PWT dealt with wagons loaded with permanent way materials and discharged them at Wirksworth after their previous location at Shottle was determined to be unsafe. The boiler transport bogies were transferred from Wirksworth to Shottle for storage and the empty wagons berthed there. The team loaded the flatrol and lowmac with logs and brought them back to Wirksworth with some garden quality sleepers for sale. They had a very long and productive day.
The dmu team researched some problems with the vacuum brakes on the three car set and hopefully resolved the problems. The doors on 50599 were attended to with satisfactory results. The computer boffins spent time trying to resolve the communication problems between the Buffet Car till and the server but, as seem inevitable, the problem worsened and all communication with the server is now down! More boffins are arriving tomorrow to try and resolve the problem which may be damage to the fibre optic cable. More news tomorrow.
The LMSCA have been preparing material for their attendance at the National Railway Museum LMS weekend in York. The weed treatment team were in action yesterday and returned to the main problem areas. Richard P continued to hand treat areas around the Wirksworth station area.
The DST had an anxious time with the boiler inspector who decided that certain work on Henry Ellison would need to be redone. However, he gave the all clear for work to continue to complete the locomotive. The team achieved further work on the vacuum pipe assembly, fire hole doors and the new plates to fix the buffers.
There has been a whirlwind of activity to clean our service train, the Gatwick Express, the food preparation area in the Training Room and the toilet block. I can only express my sincere thanks for this work that relies on some really dedicated volunteers.
The Filing Fairy has also had a brisk day of demands on her expertise and time.