Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Progress Tuesday 16th August 2011

Dear all
A most productive day with over 50 volunteers participating in a range of activities. We entertained a charter from the Belper Stroke Club which included a number of people with disabilities who were most ably hosted by John Stokes, John Tedstone and Chris Beale for a round trip to Duffield followed by lunch on board the Gatwick Express. The team aided the less able to and from lunch and the catering team were rewarded for their efforts and attention.
The PWT swung into action to remove the redundant pointwork under Wash Green bridge and made great strides into this project. The VCT worked around today's charter train to achieve a four fire day, one at Shottle and three in the Hazelwood area. The line between Idridgehay and Shottle was cleared of overhanging branches and the whole team of eight were productively occupied throughout the day.
The DST seemed to be energised in four areas; scaffolding and associated equipment was shipped in to extend the present steam shed, the tanks and dome were lifted from Cathryn to be sand blasted, No3 received remedial work so that it is ready for Friday's steam experience day and Henry Ellison had attention to sand and vacuum pipes together with sundry other areas.
There have been changes to our approach to catering following Jeff's illness and our Book Keeper, Angela Dunn, will now be in the lead until the end of the season. I would request that you all give Angela every support having very much been thrown in at the deep end.
There was also activity in the LMSCA workshop and on the Mark 1 BSK.
The Booking Hall was productive with further sales, analysis of selling prices in the light of costs and providing support to the new catering arrangements. It was good to welcome back Fred and Iris who gave the Mess Hall a very necessary thorough clean. The filing fairy was present again!