Thursday, 25 August 2011

Progress Thursday 25th August 2011

Dear all
The PWT researched materials at Wirksworth and Shottle that will provide the necessary resources to renovate the single slip pointwork in Wirksworth Yard that is becoming increasingly decrepit. This project is planned to commence the week after next and will require quite a lot of effort to ensure our normal services are not disturbed.
The VCT managed to undertake work over the whole line with brash gathered from Duffield for burning, a continuation of vegetation clearance around bridges that require structural examination and a clear up at Jebbs Lane and Barnsley Lane. Their Landrover then returned to Wirksworth which will be the start place of next week's activities.
Mike Billings worked through the day to effect flail repairs and further strengthening of the apparatus ready for further action next week.
A special mention for Matt who has painted Cathryn's boiler to prevent it rusting after its attention by the boiler inspector and then went on to light a fire in No 3 ready for its role tomorrow. The water tankers were also filled ready for the Bank Holiday weekend.
I failed to mention yesterday that our computer boffins had restored life to the tills in the Booking Hall and Buffet Car together with my internet connection. My thanks go to them for what is now a vital part of our business.
The Booking Hall continued its vital role in income generation and upcoming events are now loaded to the web site.
Not a bad Thursday.
PS - a note from our supporter and Wirksworth's fire chief should bring a warm glow. His brother in law and wife were staying with them in Wirksworth whilst on holiday from Vancouver. They departed yesterday on the 1220 Wirksworth to Duffield service to travel via Derby, St Pancras and Paris to Spain. As Karl says "Who would have thought it possible not so long ago?" - wonderful!