Saturday, 6 August 2011

Progress Saturday 6th August 2011

Dear all,

Firstly a word about yesterday as there was not a report. The day saw only a handful of volunteers on site with the main thrust being from the DMU team. They had changed a leaking coolant hose on Iris before the sparrows had risen and then proceeded to hang and connect up the new engine for 51188. The day ended with a successful run up. A track patrol was done by the P-Way team.

Now to today. The passenger service bobbled up and down happily in the sunshine and there was a gathering of classic vehicles in the car park as an added attraction for visitors. 

Half of the DMU team completed an exam on 51188 after the engine change and then it was returned to the other 2 Met-Camm vehicles on the service at long last, whilst the other half proceeded to begin the installation of the new ceiling in 51505. The 8F group were working on Henry Ellison and the air seemed slightly blue around the LMSCA although apparently it was down to some self-assembly shelving units.

Not a bad day in all,

Graham Walker via Leigh