Sunday, 21 August 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 20th of August 2011

Dear all,

A lovely day of pleasant sunshine here in the Ecclesbourne Valley, in
contravention to the weather forecast which appeared to be picked out a
hat. Much of the day was occupied with the steady business of running
the passenger service and the narrow gauge, and in this respect we were
rather busier than yesterday. The steam crew in particular felt the
weightwatching benefits of working in a boiling hot cab in hot weather
and we will shortly be issuing smaller overalls. A number of very
pleasant comments have been received during the weekend, many of which
have been directed towards the pleasantness of the revised catering

I note the following staff have successfully passed their First Aid and
Fire Safety Courses: John Stokes; Cathy Evans; Ben Field; Ben Hoskins. I
note the next PTS course will be at 12.30 on the 10th of September and
the next Induction at 14.00 on the 24th of September.

Around the yard, the newly arrived class 33 began to receive its first
instalment of routine maintenance, surrounded by its team of strapping
youths and our pie-eating regulars. The BSK received further attention
with old varnish being stripped from the interior. Touching up was
completed at Ravenstor to the speed restriction board and gradient post,
and painting took place for most of the day along the north end platform
3 fence. In addition, the platform 1 running in board was repaired.

Duffield was manned by the Quorn Escapee Committee, and a late rush
increased the takings to a satisfactory level. Doubtless the General
Manager's horseless bicycle will be making its way in the direction of
the Wirksworth National Bank shortly with any small change.

All the best,