Sunday, 14 August 2011

Progress Report Sunday the 14th of August 2011

Dear all,

Well, a swimmingly pleasant weekend of quietly efficient Home Fleet
running concluded today on a sunny afternoon high note. Apart from a
little light maintenance and conscript bush trimming the main focus was
the passenger service. We appear to have a winning formula with many
visitors staying all day to sample it.

I am most grateful to all concerned, especially the gatekeepers, whose
rare presence enabled us to keep good time all day. We have had much
positive feedback and we now have a tested formula for this kind of
event, which we hope to repeat. Apart from the usual agricultural
trifles of sheep on the line and exploding cows there is much to commend
our line and we seem to have attracted another new market for whom eight
and a half miles of travel with classic locomotive haulage is
sufficiently unusual that many were phoning their friends to tell them
about us: especially those who made camp in the Saloon for most of the day.

I leave you now to apply embrocation to several feet.

All the best,