Friday, 26 August 2011

Progress Friday 26th August 2011

Dear all
A wet, dank, miserable day which tested everyone's resolve but we shone through! Our Drive a Diesel Day clients were capably hosted by John Allsop and David Abbott, on work experience from the Bluebell Railway. They expressed their pleasure in the days activities with the furthest travelled coming to see us from Aberdeen. During the afternoon journey to Duffield they encountered further tree felling on the "racing straight" by our neighbour there resulting in the line being fouled by branches. Words have been exchanged with the person concerned and no further activity is promised. Nonetheless the team had to return to the area to ensure the line was clear for tomorrow.
The lunch for our Drive a Diesel guests was provided by Dorothy assisted by David and I thank them for this. One of the clients had his day as a birthday surprise only learning of his day as the car drove into our car park. Dorothy provided a chocolate birthday cake that made the day for his wife and children. I think they will be friends for life!
Four potential steam drivers have been undergoing a test day with our independent assessor with mixed results. My thanks to JHT and Matt for providing the firing backup for these tests.
The dmu team dealt with emerging problems with the corridor connection at the north end of the centre car together with refurbishment of the "doughnut rings" that surround the lights on 51505.
The Booking Hall received substantial delivery of commodities that one hopes will be necessary for the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend. Unfortunately, as a result of today's activities, there will be no steam on the Incline Sunday and Monday.
My thanks go to everyone who braved the weather today.