Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday 19th August 2011

Dear all
Another lively day with the Head of Gardening dealing with dead buddleia and lamenting the use of the station garden as a dogs toilet. On a more pleasant note we entrained four guests for a Drive a Diesel Day and four participants through the day on Steam Experiences. John A and Richard B looked after the diesel folk and Mick T and Hylton catered for the steam people. Every one seemed to enjoyed their day with us and were effusive in their praise for the instructors.
In our transition period for catering Dorothy and David provided service for the diesel team and also picked up some passing trade to our benefit. I do thank them for going that extra mile whilst the new catering arrangements bed in. Anton was again involved in ensuring that we had supplies for today's requirements and enough for the weekend. At close of play the tills in the Booking Hall and Buffet Car work normally thanks to the ministrations of Richard Daldorf and I hope we have brought dramas in this area to a conclusion.
During the day the water tank wagons were topped up despite some failures of the equipment to do this. At Duffield there was some activity to clear and bag brash for disposal. A strange happening occurred on Platforms 2 and 3 where a platform trolley was wrapped in bungee cords, photographed and unwrapped again. I think Tracey Emin was involved or may be Damien Hirst?
Another most productive day for our enterprise.