Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Progress Tuesday 5th July 2011

Dear all
A day of great variety with the PWT setting off with Faraday as the train engine that I thought would never work another trip with us having been sidelined into the Museum exhibition. However, he is risen again because of the failure of L J Breeze which will require some time to remedy and the demands that track work must continue. Faraday and train went to Jebbs Lane to replace another two corroded rails under the bridge and whilst progress was made that site will have to be revisited tomorrow.
The VCT had a mixed day commencing with the removal of overhanging branches just south of Ken Rowland's crossing and then tending to the sight lines of all footpath crossing to the south. In the area of "willow crossing", just north of Shottle, a huge fire dealt with accumulated brash and made a strong attack on a derelict timber platelayers hut that has presented an eyesore for some time. Painting of mileposts 141 and 139 3/4 was also achieved together with the storage of timber recovered from our opening display at the roadside from the top of Ken's drive.
The DST were in action tending to Henry Ellison and the LMSCA combined with the restorer of the Mark 1 BSK to move that project forward.
LJB enjoyed an oil change and now waits replacement filters in an effort to return the locomotive to reliable action.
The Booking Hall tidied up the accounts from the weekend and raised a little revenue from the visitors that arrived on site today. Tony Watt accomplished a whole line track patrol yesterday allowing for further work on the line tomorrow without the need for further patrolling. The road/rail dumper, which was the first donated vehicle we received some ten years ago, has had a makeover as a reward for the years of service without too much care and attention and I attach a photo of the vehicle in ex works condition.