Friday, 29 July 2011

Progress Friday 29th July 2011

Dear all
It was good to welcome a new MTT customer this morning who was demonstrating a couple of small trolleys to Network Rail. They found their morning instructive resulting in further development work which may dicate their return to us.
Work continued on the second LMS brakevan's floor and patresses were fitting in 51505 as part of the plan to return its lighting to the original.
The Booking Hall and Catering made their preparations for the approaching weekend.
As the customer finished fairly early Mick and I had an opportunity to review work along the line.
Quite a peaceful day after a frenetic week.
PS - I am pleased to report that we will shortly receive Class 33 33035 that had been undergoing repairs at Boden Engineering in Birmingham. It is planned that the locomotive will undertake trials after arrival and if all is well will participate in the Home Fleet Gala. The locomotive will have a long term future with us but may participate in other railways galas from time to time.