Friday, 1 July 2011

Progress Friday 1st July 2011

Dear all
Well we are half way through the year and there is a lot to do in the next six months! Today saw the Saloon varnished on the east side and north end with the remainder to be dealt with next week.
We entertained four Drive a Diesel clients very ably hosted by Lewis and Richard who continued with our new formula of L J Breeze in the morning and a dmu in the afternoon. As ever, the clients departed fulsome in their praise for a great day.
The Head of Gardening was active at Wirksworth and No3 was warmed through for tomorrow's activity. The first of the exhibits for the Classic Transport Weekend is expected this evening in the form of a vintage fire engine. The organiser was present and the range of participants does seem extremely interesting boding well for a successful event.
In amongst the activity there was an opportunity for further dmu driver training and a look at L J Breeze this afternoon to deal with some maintenance issues. Ceiling painting of one of the dmu fleet also took place.
A most satisfactory day.