Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Progress Tuesday 5th April 2011

Dear all
There has been an air of quiet calm as the next day beckons. The PWT had a day of cleansing the line side with a mega wagon of logs delivered to Shottle together with a wagon containing a selection of hand trolleys. Some time was spent on a defective track joint at Idridgehay with some success but more work will be required after the grand opening.
The VCT had another most productive with a further 50 yards of views opened up and two large fires to consume brash. Alan assisted with the markers at Gorsey Bank to indicate to the steam loco when the train is clear of the crossing gates. The DST have restored and fixed the back cab of Henry Ellison and more general work on the locomotive.
There has been an inordinate amount of cleaning, painting, polishing, preparation and general anxiety which will all be worth while tomorrow and my thanks go out to everyone involved.
The Booking Hall processed a late rush of bookings and sundry questions and enquiries. 
Tomorrow's report may be fairly rambling but I am sure you will all understand why.