Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Progress Tuesday 26th April 2011

Dear all
A complete change of gear as the work teams resumed activity with the PWT leading the way achieving the stubborn problem of the Idridgehay clamp plate, a temporary holding device when a fishplate cannot be fitted due to the gap being larger than that can be spanned by a normal fishplate, resolved by removing fishplates for five panels and creating even gaps to reduce the problem joint. The team then went on to grease 20 pairs of fishplates between Shottle and Hazelwood greatly reducing the areas remaining to be treated.
The VCT followed the PWT and tackled a lot of felled timber by an adjacent "helpful" farmer between Barnsley Lane and Callow Park resulting in two large fires to burn the brash. Alan had a mile post day with attention given to 141 3/4, 140 1/4, 140 and 139 1/4 and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the lineside furniture in good condition.
The DST were also out in force and fitted the brake gear and sand boxes to Henry Ellison. This project comes on in leaps and bounds with the locomotive gently turning a tasteful shade of blue.
Work continued on supplying sufficient water for our steam operations and the lone fishplate bolt fettler was in action. All the Wirksworth Ground Frames were serviced which included adjustment and oiling. Thanks to Richard Hatch for this valuable work. A special mention for John Stokes who spent the day cleaning the dmu fleet and restoring the door lock between the drivers cab and passenger saloon on the Class 117. Cleaning and presentation of the vehicles our passengers travel in is so important as we all remember experiences elsewhere if all was not as it should be but not when all was well.
The Booking Hall waded through the bureaucracy necessary to adequately account to the spectacular sales over the past four days and continued to process encouraging forward bookings.
Another very good day.