Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Progress Tuesday 19th April 2011

Dear all
A most pleasant day with lots of productive work undertaken. The VCT departed first for Ken Rowland's and Callow Park to deal with pre cut vegetation and an overhanging tree of monstrous size. They managed three fires to consume brash and returned at a late hour to Wirksworth content with their achievements.
The PWT attacked two specific tasks today the first of which was the curve at the south end of Bournebrook Avenue that has been the fairly constant source of track misalignment. This has been dealt with although further ballast will need to be dropped to stabilise the area.The second area to be tackled was the geometry at the base of the Incline, again a reliable source of problems which has now been brought back into some semblance of order pending some more major work later in the year.
The DST continued in their quest to reassemble Henry Ellison and belts were replaced underneath dmu car 51360. The LMSCA turned their attention to blinds and tables for the Third Open and had a general tidy up of their premises.
The Booking Hall finalised the accounts for last weekend for our bookkeeper and processed even more group and charter bookings. The quest for locomotive water continued and 78019 now has a filled tender to start the Easter weekend but work continues to fill our two tank wagons so that we survive through the four days.
Another very good day