Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Progress Tuesday 12th April 2011

Dear all
A strange atmosphere today as the opening and all its excitements were put behind us and there was a general return to the mundane, but essential, tasks before us. Encouragingly there was another very large turnout with a great deal of work in many departments resuming.
The LMSCA organised the sealing of the lino in the Third Open and Alison gave the workshop a mega clean and the team were seen in a huddle as they wrestled with the design and costs of installing tables in the Third Open. In the SK, second corridor coach, further attempts were made to ensure the toilets function. Partial success was achieved last week but the water was leaking away quite quickly and this problem is now being addressed.
The VCT were drawn back magnetically to Barnsley Lane bridge where the adjacent landowner had felled a number of trees that landed on railway property. This saga is set to run for some time and I thank the VCT for being measured in their response to a potentially difficult situation. The joys of managing a nine mile linear estate!
The PWT resumed activities which involved the creation of more fishplate grease from our supply and managed some vital work in this area. The team emptied last week's collection of scrap into the skip at Shottle but I fear it contains more fresh air than value but I may be surprised. Logs were transported to Wirksworth and a wagon containing fence panels was shunted into a position that distances it from the Main Line. Shunting of stock at Wirksworth completed their quite long day. Part two of the PWT completed a track patrol from Wirksworth to Barnsley Lane and Part three filled the tank and mixed the Round Up solution for weed treatment in the near future.
The DST strode forward with Henry Ellison with the connecting and coupling rods fitted and many parts painted as this locomotive rapidly approaches completion. A further 40 feet of Duffield platform was pointed up, a task I had certainly forgotten in the euphoria of the opening.
Much thought and work has gone into improving the way we gather water and supply it to the locomotives with solutions emerging that will make this a much easier process.
The Booking Hall was in full blast as the accounts for the weekend were concluded and the remaining cash banked. Very satisfying.
I can only reiterate that after the high of the last week it is very gratifying that all the teams are getting back into their stride to tackle a large number of jobs left to be done to move us forward.