Thursday, 7 April 2011

Progress Thursday 7th April 2011

Dear all
Quite a charming day after the excitements of yesterday where we welcomed our shareholders to the Railway after their generous contributions of capital that helped the whole project to move forward.
The Railway buzzed and there was a fete atmosphere. It was good to meet so many supporters that were fulsome in their praise for what had been achieved. I have to report even amongst this joy Alan applied bridge numbers to Cemetery Lane and Cromford Road but also used the opportunity to take some special photos.
The operation of two steam locomotives today has also given us more experience in this area and I am sure we will continue to learn over the next few days.
Basking in the glow of the re-opening will last until Sunday and then we will return to some serious work that will continue to exercise our various teams. Meanwhile, please enjoy the sights and sounds of steam in the valley.
Many thanks to everyone that participated in today's train operations and there is only three days to go!