Thursday, 28 April 2011

Progress Thursday 28th April 2011

Dear all
As the fourth month of the year draws to a conclusion there is much to report again. Duffield has seen weed treatment applied to the staff car parking area and the cabin prepared for repainting. The lawns have been mowed as they rapidly approach the standard of Wimbledon. I have to admit the suggestion that we spend even more money on this area has turned out to be a very worth while decision!
The VCT have achieved minor miracles with the removal of the banner at Duffield requiring death defying feats so that the developer can resume the marketing of the remaining three flats. Some effort has been put into reducing the fire risk between Duffield Tunnel and the A6 bridge but care will still have to be taken as we steam north. An overhanging tree near milepost 134 has been removed.
Back at Wirksworth, Graham and Matt have checked the axle boxes of the "steam" set and oiled up where necessary. The brake rigging has also had oil applied and the leak in the SK's toilet has finally been fixed by John, our ace plumber. Komatsu maintenance was undertaken and Mike was very pleased with his experiment to reverse the turning of the flail. This will mean that the machine sends the cut material down rather than ahead much reducing the risk of collateral damage.
A lone track patroller packed sleepers on the "racing" straight and replaced a sheared fishplate bolt south of Barnsley Lane. A cracked fishplate was discovered which will be changed next week and missing or mismatched clips were fitted or changed south of Idridgehay. Real Railway work!
The recent observation of water leaking above Derby Road 1 bridge has now been tended to. Some photos taken by Neil and forwarded to Severn Trent Water seem to have caused the necessary action.
78019 was prepared for the next four days and a warming fire lighted. The pit was emptied of ash and the water tanks, now full, were placed in the correct position for the weekend.
Another good and productive day.