Thursday, 14 April 2011

Progress Thursday 14th April 2011

Dear all
The rhythm of our normal week seems to be returning with the PWT departing for a further mile of track patrolling followed by a magnificent 14 pairs of fishplates greased which is quite remarkable as there was only three of them. Tony Watt also patrolled a missing section on the Idridgehay stretch leaving Old Lane to Postern Lodge to be viewed tomorrow. This process is showing signs of settling into the new pattern. The main problem seems to be trains running up and down causing wear and tear!
At Wirksworth coal was moved from the Dust Dock to No3's storage area for the weekend and our ace plumber, John, managed to guide a solution to the water retention for the toilets in the SK and Saloon with Mike Craft acting as labourer. A customer was with us for a few hours testing a hand held rail flaw detector and it was good to see him return to the fold. Our work experience student from Anthony Gell School. Liam, has now stuffed and labelled all the envelopes with the Annual Accounts for shareholders. A job very well done.
The VCT continued to respond to a number of outstanding tasks left for a while during the Duffield purge. Today's area was around Ken Rowlands crossing where there was a controlled gorse burn at the request of Ken and two large fires to burn pre-cut brash. Another remarkable achievement for the four man team.
Duffield saw further pointing up of the platform wall with another 90 feet dealt with and Chris has commenced painting the buffer stop to Mick's predetermined specification.
There is an incredibly encouraging torrent of group and charter bookings being very ably dealt with by Leigh in the Booking Hall which bodes very well for the year ahead.
The last piece of good news today for those who had gathered and struggled to pack the scrap skip at Shottle that their efforts were worth it - £240 raised for the enterprise for what appeared to be a collection of wire, cable and sundry tat. Keep on collecting it up!
A good and productive day.